Fallen Phrases
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Turn Pearls of Wisdom or Brief Answers 
to Important Questions into a Puzzle


A fallen phrase puzzle shows the spaces for a statement or phrase.  The letters are directly below the column in which they will fit, but jumbled within the column.

To print the image at right, right click it, select "save image as"* from the pop-up menu, click to the folder where you will keep the image, and click the "Save" button.


In the sample at right, the fallen phrase tells you the URL to find the Puzzle Maker Setup Form.**


The link shown in the image is active. It takes you to the Puzzle Maker Setup Form for a fallen phrase puzzle.


** Answer: "Find the Fallen Phrase Setup Form at puzzlemaker dot school dot discovery dot com"  That is, the first block in the puzzle uses the F from the column below, the second uses the I from the column below it, the next block uses the N from the column below it (which is actually the fourth column of letters in the set below the puzzle grid), and the D of FIND goes in the fourth block of the grid's top row, using the D from the column directly below it.  Continue in this way until the entire answer is spelled out and each letter below the grid is used just once in one of the blocks above the column.  (Check: There is a T by itself on the far right of the letter set because there is only one block to fill at the end of the third row in the grid; so the T must go into that sole block, which is above it.)

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